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Quel's Place
"Read Some Good Literature
Once in a While"

On This site you will Embark on a world of short stories and much more!

Some of these stories are based on true events and are written by myself and friends.

They are promised to have you wanting more!

The Fics
Put your mouse on the Preview pic to see a short insight into the story.
By Raquel Darling

This story tells how injuries, disasters, and betrayals make eight friends take a closer look at their friendship.
Drama, Drama,
And More Drama
By Nee Nee Thompson

This fic is self explanatory. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA EVERYWHERE! It includes betayal, complex situations, man it's just plain CRAZY.
By Brodrick L. Stigall

This story tells of a boy and a girl and the things they go through as a couple.

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Stig's Poetry